Meet the member – Sarah

Today’s Rotaractor in the spotlight is Sarah..


I first started my Rotaract journey when I supported the reform of Oxford Rotaract, alongside a great group of Rotarians and friends. I was honoured to be the first club president for a great bunch of people. During my time with the club, we’ve supported a number of local Oxford charities and had a lot of fun! One of my silliest, yet fondest memories is attaining the nickname ‘Three Desserts Field’. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but to give you the background, I ate three desserts at an Oxford Spires Rotary club meal, after having both a starter and a main course. I joined a gym pretty promptly afterwards…

I’ve just taken the plunge with a Rotaract district role and needless to say I have a lot to learn, but I am being supported by Oxford Rotaract where I currently hold the Vice President position. I think it’s important that with the new Rotary year, we all take the time to assess what’s going on around us and so I will be adopting the following approach: “discuss, understand then move forward together”. I hope this also resonates with you. If you have any other approaches you think would be good to consider, please let me know. I am always keen to learn!

Outside of Rotaract I am a tender writer for an international drug and alcohol testing company and every Saturday I can be found cooking in a local farm shop. The scones and quick selection are fantastic, but I am biased!


Sarah Field (Three desserts Field)